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Modern logistics parks have been instrumental in growth of the ports they are associated with. An Integrated Logistics Park (ILP) is an integrated planned infrastructure for facilitating intermodal logistics that are usually located near primary production &/or consumption centers & major logistics gateways, coupled with Commercial real estate usage.

  Provide Hinterland connectivity,   Provide efficient transport from terminal to site,   Facilities for distribution operation,   Ancillary support service,   Trade facilitation infrastructure

Core logistics facilities
  ICD with Container Yard, Warehouse/ Distribution centers/ Temperature controlled storage,   Covered sheds & Open storages Truck Terminal,   Admin building

Logistics support infrastrucutre
  Fuel & Service Station,   Weigh bridge,   Container & truck repair service with spare part stores,   Equipment & Trade finance,   Insurance & Banking,   Drivers' Amenities

Infrastrucutre Facilities
  Power, Water & Sewerage connections,   Fire fighting,   IT Infrastructure,   Compound wall,   High mast lighting,   24 hour security with CCTV,   Green belt,   Wide Roads

Support facilities
  Offices for logistics and trading companies,   Hotel accommodation,   Food courts,   Residences for workers